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Friday Beauty Fix: Michael Todd Discovery Kit UPDATED:October 2013

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Today I am doing a beauty product review. In case you somehow missed it, I’m a YouTube-beauty-guru-watcher-junkie. :P I LOVE watching the videos by Marlena of MakeupGeekTV, Tati of GlamLifeGuru, Kandee Johnson, Stephanie of SMLx0, Tiffany of MakeupByTiffanyD, the Fowler sisters and a few others. It’s a bit of problem. Check out my review of MTTO's Acne or Oily Sensitive Skin Regimen

Anyway, many of them have been raving about one brand in particular, for quite a while. That brand is none other than Michael Todd True Organics. This line seems to be pretty flawless from all the positive reviews online and in print on their products. I first checked out their site last fall when Tati started mentioning them. She is seriously in love with the products she has tried. Of course I can’t speak for the entire line, but I do have a few to tell you about.

Being new to the line myself, I was pleasantly surprised to see what they call Discovery Kits, on the MTTO website. They have a kit for each skin type and in the kit you receive five products in travel sizes to test out for yourself and decide which you’d like in full size versions. The great thing about these- besides being travel friendly- is that all of the products are meant for your skin type and they fulfill most of the skincare requirements of a typical routine. I purchased the Normal/Combination Skin kit. Inside the clear travel bag, was a paper describing each products usage and ingredients as well as 5 bottles, each 1 fluid ounce, of the following products: Honey and Oat Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser, Blue Green Algae Antibacterial Toner, Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub, Citrus Cream Moisturizer with DMAE and Hyaluronic Acid, and Pumpkin nutrient-rich Facial Mask.

I have finally had the opportunity to try all of the products and give them a proper review. The Honey and Oat Cleanser has been raved about by Fowler sisters both on YouTube and on their website, (currently under redesign). It came in a pour out container, though the full size bottle (7 fl oz/ 210 ml) comes in a pump. It has a nice smell- a mix of citrus and honey. It is the color of honey with the consistency of liquid hand soap. It lightly foams up when applied to skin and it works well with water to wash away dirt, oils and makeup on the face and neck. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll be purchasing the larger version because they have another cleanser I want to try first, but it is a great product, and at 70% organic, it’s better for your skin than many cleansers on the market.

Next up is the toner. I’m going to tell you right now- I’m not a big toner user. I often skip this step because I don’t notice a huge difference in my skin sans toner. However this product makes me want to use toner. The Blue Green Algae Antibacterial Toner (7.8 fl oz/230 ml in full size) is pretty amazing. You apply it like any toner, with tissue or a cotton pad, but when you take a whiff, it’s hard not to fall in love. On top of smelling delicious, Michael Todd True Organics (MTTO) describes it as follows on the website:

Take a whiff.  This organic toner's fragrance of fresh lavendar with a hint of birchwood will have you thinking you just stepped into a luxury spa. Rich in vital nutrients, trace elements and amino acids, blue green algae and organic kelp in a base of soothing aloe vera juice penetrate deeply into the skin to speed the elimination of toxins, promote cellular renewal, naturally nourish and remineralize the skin.  Also contains black willow tree extract recognized for thousands of years for its healing power and fresh, warm, spicy tea tree oil a powerful immune stimulant to help fight infections and promote clear skin. A huge favorite, customers love this toner for its antibacterial formula to help improve problem skin. Enjoy!

All skin types. Aids in treatment and prevention of blemishes.

Better yet- this little bottle is 97% organic!! I will most definitely be repurchasing this product, AND using a toner as part of my skincare routine from now on!

The third product is the Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub. I wanted to try this stuff because it is supposed to be great for people with oily skin. Though I have combination skin, my oily t-zone causes not-so-nice blemishes from time to time. As a scrub, this product contains wax beads and feels similar to others but gentler. The charcoal in the scrub is meant to suck out impurities. I think that is what gives the scrub its gray tint too. At 3.4 fl oz/100ml in full size and certified vegan, this product will definitely last you a while and leave you skin looking fresh and feeling smooth!

The next product is the Citrus Cream Moisturizer with DMAE and Hyaluronic Acid. This one is amazing. It smells absolutely divine- like lemon cheesecake and even more important- it works very well at hydrating the skin. I have used it both during the day and at night. During the day, I sometimes pair it with my Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder and it mixes with the brightening powder with ease. At night, I apply after a serum. Though this is a lightweight moisturizer, it does very well at night. I haven’t yet decided if my skin likes it for use in the warmer months, as I just began using it in spring- this might be better for nighttime use or during the day in the fall and winter. I’ll have to test it out more. The full size version comes with 2.4 fl oz/70 ml and is 81% organic.
UPDATE!!! This it is not almost November and I have been using this moisturizer daily and nightly for the past two weeks. I LOVE how it works in the drier months!! 
The last product in the discovery kit is the pumpkin mask. This smells just like a Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte. Scrumptious. Moreover, it feels great on the skin and leaves it very soft afterwards. It has an orange tint to it. Like with most masks, you wash it away after 5-10 minutes of letting it work on your skin, and then you should follow it with a moisturizer and sunscreen (if using during the day). The full size version of the mask comes in a 3.4 fl oz/100ml container and is certified vegan.
If you enjoyed this review, please let me know! I have a few other MTTO products to share as well tons by other brands. Have you tried anything from the Michael Todd line?
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  1. I've seen so many youtubers review and comment on these products too! I enjoyed your review, and am probably going to try out the charcoal facial scrub myself!

  2. It's really great! What skin type do you have?
    Thanks for stopping by; come back anytime! :)