Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Words of Wisdom: December 3

Hello, hello!
I hope you are doing well! Here's your extra dose of inspiration for this week. :)

Which did you like most?

Seeing the happiness,

Monday, December 15, 2014

Photo Diary: Enjoying Spain

Hello again,

The time has come for my to share the latest happenings with me here in Spain. Enjoy!

Spanish Classes:
Doing some homework, deberes en español
Mi escuela
Even the Metro station in downtown Barcelona is pretty 
Mediterranean Food:
Typical Mediterranean salad
Jamón, it doesn't get more Catalan than that!
Pinchos, the smaller version of tapas

I'm au pair to this girl and her older sister, Marta
The little girl on the left is Nuria, a cousin

Las Ramblas
On a hike in November
Watching Castellers build a human tower
What have you done lately?

Enjoying Spain,

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Bucket List & Autumn Recap

Welcome to Winter.
For many, it has already felt like winter for a few months but it doesn’t officially start until December 21st. So I saw this a great time to share with you my bucket list for this winter and fill you in on how I did this past fall.
Here is a refresher on my Autumn 2014 Bucket List:

How did I do?

Well, look at that; I managed to achieve each goal for the season. Some were easier than others and I’ll give you an in-depth look at my time in Germany very soon. I fully embraced fall fashion, as it is my favorite. I also made time for reading and came across a great book which I have already shared here.
What did you accomplish this autumn?

Now here is a look at my Winter 2014 Bucket List:

This winter I will...
Give Thanks
Be Present
Celebrate in a New Country
Embrace Winter Fashion
Enjoy Cocoa and Christmas Movies
Take Winter Walks

How do you think I will do? What’s do you hope to accomplish before this year is finished?

Ready to take on the cold,

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Words of Wisdom: December 2

Hello there!

How are you doing this fine week? Are you getting into the holiday spirit?!
Enjoy this week's weekly pick-me-up. :)

Don't make these mistakes and you'll get where you want to be

Don't assume you know the best for others

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Words of Wisdom: December 1

Hi there!

How are you this week? I have been a bit down, but reading through these quotes helped to perk me back up! I hope they do the same for you. :)

Have you heard any great advice lately?

In need of some holiday cheer,

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Words of Wisdom: November 4


Today is Wednesday and you know what that means.. another roundup of picture quotes.

Letting the words speak for themselves,

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Beauty Swap Review

A while back I shared with you that took part in a swap with another blogger, Eli from Marshmellow Diary. It was a great experience that started back when I posted my makeup collection this past spring. Eli is from Spain and so once I knew I was moving out here, I let her know I’d be happy to bring her some U.S. beauty goodies in exchange for an introduction to some that can be found here in Europe.
She did a terrific job choosing lots of things for me to try out. After spending some time using everything she sent, I feel ready to give you my thoughts on each thing.

My beauty box included:

‘Zaija’ Manuka Tree Cleansing Gel- an awesome, natural cleanser; one of my favorites!
‘Balance Me’ Face Oil- comes in a rollerball, used like other facial oil; I use this after nightly cleansing
‘China Glaze’ nail polish in “Be Merry, Be Bright”- I haven’t used this yet, but it’s perfect for a BCN game or this season
‘Model Co.’ eyeshadow duo “Bronzed Goddess”- neutral shadows are my favorite and these enhance the eyes nicely
‘Essence’ eyeliner in white- I use this in my lower lash line, I like this look but I still prefer nude liner
‘Essence’ eyeliner in “Leaves are the New Beef”- gorgeous bronze/brown creamy eye pencil
‘Essence’ lipliner in “Honey Berry”- bold blue berry hue; I’m not big on bold lips but I love this!
‘Essence’ XXXL Shine lipgloss in “True Love”- I used this on top of the lipliner, beautiful combination
‘Catrice’ Shimmering Bronzing Powder- I have been using this as a top layer of sorts to wherever I apply bronzer
‘Catrice’ Light-Reflecting Concealer- this stuff is great, very creamy and easy to apply. I haven’t quite perfected how to make it not crease though
‘I <3 Makeup’ Goddess of Love Highlighter- gives skin a pretty luminescence
double pocket mirror- every girl needs one!
Bracelet- not a “beauty item” per say, but it does dress up an outfit
‘Valor’ (Spanish brand) chocolates- SO GOOD!! :D
Pouch with samples- I'm using this pouch as a makeup bag while I'm in Germany this weekend!

Thanks again, Eli! :)